Andrea Clute press photo
Photo by Kelli Anne

Andrea Clute releases a lovely music video for her “Nervous” single

Andrea Clute is a rising singer-songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a lovely music video for her “Nervous” single via 604 Records.

Andrea Clute – “Nervous” music video

“The ‘Nervous’ music video is a great depiction of the song; fun, colorful, and playful. I wanted the video to feel and look nostalgic and I think our videographer, Lindsey Blane, really nailed it! We used a really old GoPro for some shots to get that vintage feel and I even brought out my digital camera from the 2000s. I love the variety of different shots we got in the car like singing in the back with the fisheye lens to singing out the car window which I think represented the carefree energy of the song.

One of my favorite parts of the video was when my boyfriend joined me, and we got some treats at 7/11. I feel like we were really channeling our high school – innocent selves. It was just very sweet to have him on screen with me. This music video was so fun and made me feel young and free and I hope the audience watching gets that same feeling!” – Andrea Clute explained

‘Nervous’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who gets nervous whenever she gets around her love interest. It’s not like she doesn’t want to hang out, because she does. She just gets so worried about being cool around her love interest that her heart starts pounding. Wrapped in her own emotions, she later admits, “I’ve never been good at being honest, always seem to break my promise. I’m avoiding the obvious ‘cause I get embarrassed. I’m not used to affection.”

“Overheating, need air to breathe in. Heart beating, I need to cool down so that I can be cool around you.”

Andrea Clute press photo
Photo by Kelli Anne

“I’ve always been good at running from my problems. It’s easier to hide them than to try and solve them. I shy away from you, don’t wanna ruin what we go to. Sick of me like the flu, I’m scared of losing you.” – lyrics

‘Nervous’ contains an infatuation, love-based narrative that will resonate well with anyone who has ever had a heavy crush on somebody they like. The emotional tune possesses thudding drums and booming bass-laden instrumentation flavored with electro, indie, and contemporary pop elements. Furthermore, “Nervous” is featured on Andrea Clute’s 6-track debut EP, entitled, “Unsaid.”

Andrea Clute

Andrea Clute press photo
Photo by Lindsey Blane

From TikTok standout to emerging artist, Andrea Clute has experienced some big changes in just a few short years. Now, aligned with famed Canadian music staple, 604 Records, the young chanteuse can’t wait for what’s on the horizon as she embarks on the next chapter of her career with her debut collection in hand.

Raised in a traditional Filipino household, Andrea was no stranger to performing at family gatherings — or cutting her chops at local Karaoke nights, belting out a little Celine Dion. Keeping the message relatable has always been important to Andrea, who maintains her music is all about creating connections with her fans.

Andrea Clute – “Unsaid” EP

Andrea Clute - “Unsaid” EP cover

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