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Aminata releases a beautiful piano-pop ballad, entitled, “I’m Letting You Go”

Aminata (Aminata Savadogo) is an accomplished singer-songwriter from Latvia. Not too long ago, she released a beautiful piano-pop ballad, entitled, “I’m Letting You Go.”

Aminata – “I’m Letting You Go” single

“I’m staying alone tonight, I can’t have you right by my side. Baby, you did nothing wrong, we just faked it for too long. Nobody’s there to blame, no need to be ashamed for not keeping what we had – for the broken vows we shared. I was not gonna leave, I tried hard. When we drowned too deep, we grew apart. But nobody’s gonna believe it now ’cause I’m letting you go with a heavy heart. But I’ll be thinking about you, I’ll be dreaming about you.” – lyrics

‘I’m Letting You Go’ tells a heartbreaking tale about a young woman who finds herself breaking up with her significant other. Apparently, letting her partner go is tearing her heart apart because she still cares about her partner – even though they’re not an item anymore. Unsure about their future apart from each other, she optimistically tells her former partner, “I know you’ll find somebody who will be able to heal your soul. So don’t be sorry, there’s a place in my heart that’s only yours.”

“I’m letting you go with a heavy heart.”

Aminata - “I'm Letting You Go” press photo

‘I’m Letting You Go’ contains an unhappy narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and soaring melodies that will surely resonate well with the fans of Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Sia, LP, and Adele. The emotional tune possesses piano-driven instrumentation flavored with a moody Adult Contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “I’m Letting You Go” is participating as the #13 track on the “Supernova 2022” project, with hopes of being Latvia’s selection for Eurovision.

“It hurts to let you be.”

Aminata - Supernova picture

“The song is about two people who have fallen out of love with each other. Breaking up is always painful, especially if you have spent years together. Breaking up is frightening because of the uncertain future. The thought of seeing your loved one with another person is painful. Letting go is hard when you both have become dependent on each other. It is easy to confuse dependency with a relationship. Everyone deserves to be happy and there comes a time when you need to let the other person go and be happy on their own. Love does not end at that point, it transforms. Letting go is hard for everyone, whether you have to let go of a person, belief, or insecurity. This song is about ourselves.” – Aminata explained

Aminata represented Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song, “Love Injected,” which finished 6th overall. The following year, she wrote “Heartbeat,” which was performed by Justs at the ESC in 2016 – placing 15th in Grand Final. So far, Aminata has released three studio albums: Inner voice, Red Moon, and Maiga Vara. In 2020, she signed with Universal Music Group.

“I’m Letting You Go” single

Aminata - “I'm Letting You Go” song cover art

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