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Alex Rea releases her debut single, entitled, “Command”

Alex Rea is a Dutch trip-hop/pop artist. Not too long ago, she released her debut single, a dark pop tune, entitled, “Command”.

Alex Rea – “Command”

“I become your lover only at your command. We kiss only at your command. I stare into your eyes only at your command. Your hands on my thighs only at your command. My body will shiver only at your command. My heart will deliver only at your command.” – lyrics

‘Command’ tells the tale of an authoritative woman who controls her lover’s movements by uttering commands which makes him feel like he’s in control. But he’s not, she is. Also, the song, an empowering mechanism, is a dedication to women who feel overpowered, and to those who have regained control.   

‘Command’ contains an abstract storyline, dreamy vocals, and an edgy slow-grinding instrumentation embedded with a dark electro-pop sound.

Alex Rea – “Command”

Alex Rea - "Command" artwork

Not too long ago, Rea released an introduction video, entitled, “Ready to Fight”. In the video, she expresses her individuality and the message she wants to send to her listeners.

Alex Rea – “Ready to Fight”

“We as individuals in society are actually quite swallowed up by norms and values, expectations of others, and expectations of yourself. But also expectations of yourself that you have so twisted for yourself that you no longer know what you actually stand for, causing a lot of fear.” – Alex Rea

We recommend adding Alex Rea’s “Command” single to your personal playlist.

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