Air Kalo

Air Kalo drops a hot soul tune, entitled, “Separation Anxiety” feat. Blu

Air Kalo is a music producer/multi-instrumentalist. Not too long ago, he released a hot soul tune, entitled, “Separation Anxiety”, featuring Blu.

Air Kalo – “Separation Anxiety” (Part I) feat. Blu

“I’m not trying to be conceited, baby. Don’t have to do much to drive you crazy. Once you find yourself between these thighs, you won’t be able to disguise truth from lies.” – lyrics

‘Separation Anxiety’ tells the tale of a woman who’s confident in her love-making ability. She’s involved with a guy she desires. But she wants him to know that he will experience a highness he never felt before when he gets in between her thighs.

‘Separation Anxiety’ contains a seductive narrative, soul vocals, and a melodic instrumentation oozing with hip-hop and trap elements.

Air Kalo – “Separation Anxiety” feat. Blu

Air Kalo

‘Separation Anxiety’ was produced by Air Kalo and written by Kalo and Blu. Also, it’s the first of two parts. Check out Part II below.

Air Kalo – “Separation Anxiety” (Part 2) feat. Blu

“Though you’re not religious made you pray to me. Though you’re not religious had you on your knees. Don’t you dare put up a fight. Showed you what I was about from the jump. Had you dancing with the devil please don’t pray for me; it’s too late, baby.” – lyrics

Kalo’s and Blu’s production/artist chemistry carries on to part 2 of “Separation Anxiety”. Also, it’s obvious that their mammoth sound is ear-welcoming with an enjoyable vibe.

We recommend adding Air Kalo’s “Separation Anxiety” single featuring Blu to your personal playlist.  

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