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Aerion Jackson releases a heartfelt R&B single, entitled, “Empty Spaces”

Aerion Jackson is an up-and-coming Nashville-based singer-songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt R&B single, titled, “Empty Spaces.”

Aerion Jackson – “Empty Spaces” single

The saying goes, “Where words fail, music speaks.” Aerion Jackson wrote “Empty Spaces” to express her feelings and find closure within a failing relationship. With a heavy heart, she sings, “I don’t know why I keep chasing after you. And I don’t know why I stay, but I know why I should go.” We can all relate to falling in love, trying to make a relationship work, then searching and waiting on the love that was lost to return. We can all relate to having a million reasons to leave a bad relationship, but not knowing why we decide to stick around. While we’ve all heard a ballad on this subject, Jackson delivers a new spin that will have you celebrating instead of crying over a heartbreak.

The writing process started after listening to “Runnin’” by Pharcyde and “Fallen” by Mýa; both sampled Stan Getz and Luiz Bonfá’s “Saudade Vem Correndo.” As a singer who is rooted in Jazz, it was important that the melody of the song included those elements. Jackson teamed up with producer, Brian Nathan, to help bring her lyrics to life. Along with music production, he helped with vocal production.

“All I wanted was your love.”

Aerion Jackson - “Empty Spaces” press photo

After earning a degree in music at MTSU, Aerion Jackson decided to further her career while living in Nashville (Music City). At a young age, she discovered her love for music by studying artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, Jill Scott, Ledisi, and Corrine Bailey Rae, to name a few. Her smooth and sultry vocals stem from her training, as she was introduced to R&B, neo-soul, jazz, classical music, opera, funk, and more.

Jackson considers herself a soul singer first and foremost because if you sing from the soul, it doesn’t matter the genre or style. As a songwriter, she writes from experiences of past love, “Tell Me,” and heartbreak, “Empty Spaces.” What drives her as an artist, is the ability to connect listeners from different generations and cultural backgrounds. Jackson invites listeners to join her on this journey as she continues to share her gift while expressing matters of the heart and humanity.

Aerion Jackson – “Empty Spaces” single

Aerion Jackson - “Empty Spaces” cover art

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