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6ixsage releases an attractive emo-rap tune, entitled, “Sleeve”

6ixsage is an up-and-coming indie rapper from Mississauga, Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, he released “Sleeve”, an attractive emo-rap tune from his debut EP, entitled, “Time for Feelings”.

6ixsage – “Sleeve”

“‘Sleeve’ is a love song about how I wear my heart on my sleeve. The song is about falling quick and hard for a girl and letting her know I’m everything she needs. And to not listen to the rumors and see for yourself what I’m about.” – 6ixsage

‘Sleeve’ contains a relatable storyline, melodic rap vocals, and charming instrumentation layered with hip-hop and urban soul elements. Also, the song tells the tale of a guy who’s feeling a woman he desires to be romantically involved with. She’s a queen in his eyes and he wants the chance to prove to her how much she truly means to him.

6ixsage – “Time for Feelings”

6ixsage – “Time for Feelings” artwork

“Riding through the city thought I told you I was just addicted to the old you. But when I think about it you just old news. So when you hit me up it never go through. Baby, let me come around you’ll see. I ain’t like them guys, I’m what you need. So tell me that you want it, you know that I got it.”– lyrics

Get acquainted with 6ixsage’s music by checking out his “Time for Feelings” EP via Spotify.

“Time for Feelings”

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