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4TUNAT releases an appealing music video for his “Possible” single

4TUNAT is a rising rap artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Not too long ago, he released an appealing music video for his “Possible” single via Geffen Records.

4TUNAT – “Possible” music video

“I love and cater for you, know it’s just my fault, but I been waiting for you. When I’m loving you, bae, tell me what you’re thinking. Left into pieces, way in the deep end. When you were leaving my life changed seasons. Drinks on the weekend, push to start ain’t no keys in. Drip like water is artesian, got these secrets and I keep it. And you know that you know that so why the f*** you think I changed? Ain’t no flocking like Kodak, baby, I’m all up in your frame. Arguments are for children, baby, I do not play no games. Never take account feelings you really causing all the pain. But we knew it from the start, and I knew you had your ways. You should tell me where you are.” – lyrics

‘Possible’ tells a heartfelt tale about a busy, business-minded young man who once shared a challenging relationship with his significant other. Apparently, she’s living on her own now, and he acknowledges that she deserves the finer things in life. Also, he knows that he wasn’t always around to supply her with love and affection. Therefore, he tells her, “You the only shorty I know that really gon’ f*** with the vision. And I know you really get the code, but I do not f*** with the distance. Appreciate your patience when I be out of line, tell me what the hell you’re thinking. Arguments is fights, baby, that is not debating.”

“Won’t pick up the phone you hit up all my bros now. But that’s the type of effort that I wanted from you.”

4TUNAT press photo
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‘Possible’ finds a vulnerable 4TUNAT turning emotions from a past relationship into a fun and compelling song. The emotive tune possesses saturated drum-laden instrumentation flavored with a contemporary rap vibration. Furthermore, “Possible” follows mildly on the heels of 4TUNAT’s previously released singles, “Feel Like Me” and “Bad Mood.”

In May of 2021, 4TUNAT caught the eyes and ears of industry tastemakers and professionals with the release of his energetic single, “Yesterday.” Later, he received co-signs from the well-renowned YouTube group, CUFBOYS. Since then, 4TUNAT has continued to prove his versatility with each release.

“Tell me loving you is possible right now. Don’t wanna just watch you go.”

4TUNAT - “Possible” cover art

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